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Is Every Child a Genius Actually? - Discover Your Child's Learning Style
Is Every Child a Genius Actually? - Discover Your Child's Learning Style


We are all born with a different learning methodology. Even though we have the same sensory organs, the way we perceive the world is different.


“Everyone is actually a genius. But if you get up and judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing it is stupid. "


Albert Einstein said that everyone was a genius. Well actually every child is a genius in his eyes. What seperates us is how much we improve on our skills. Sadly since we lack the experience at childhood we can't pick our road our selve's. The guidance we have in that period affect our learning setup. Meaning our one and only family. Well then as parents how do we continue this learning setup? What we need to is simple. To question, observe, and compare like our every other decision. We will blow are minds for our childrens developement the same way we blow our minds for the car we're gonna buy more than that even.

1) Question their interests


In time your child is surely going to show more trend to a certain style. Those eyes that looked with absolute curiosity will start to pick between toys/books/handwork. When they start to discover their skills watch closely while questioning ecery step.

2) Observe their skills


You can't help your child find their learning style by just watching how they play or listen to stories. You should to observe whether they like to make rhymes and new stories or their memorability  form what they learned. Them notifying their thoughts about a certain subject or problem can give you hints about their skills and interest.

3) Create an apropiate environment


After you recognise your children's talents you need to support them. Excite them when learning to things to create a fun and relaxed learning environment. Set this up according to the hints they gave you about the learning methodology. For example if they're visual learners, as a perfect activity, you can integrate drawing into their every subject. This will allow them to listen to everything with more excitement and enthusiasm. 


4) Never forget that the learning style is a combination


Your child doesn't have to have only one learning methodology. This can be more than one. You can think of this as sections of a pie graph no matter how little of a percentage they have, without them the graph is incomplete. So when you, as a parent, decide on your child's dominant learning style based on their relationship with games and toys, don't forget to nurture their other learning styles.

5) Make time for them


No matter their learning type, in theend a child is a child. They will learn,  remember, understand the details best with what you teach, what you draw, and what you sculpt.

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